Gorilla Trekking is one of the most thrilling adventures you can enjoy while in Uganda. This rare wildlife experience can be carried out in two national parks; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Where to Go Gorilla Trekking

When to Go Gorilla Trekking

Is Gorilla Trekking, a Responsible Form of Tourism?

Where to Go for Gorilla Safaris in Uganda

Imagine visiting Uganda for gorilla tracking and you are probably wondering where best you can go gorilla trekking as well as combining it with your favorite tour activities like wildlife viewing, golden monkey trekking and volcano hikes. Uganda is blessed with lush thick forests, fauna flora, multiple tree species, primates which make the country one of the top safari travel destination in Africa full of multiple tour adventures that make your travel experience one in  a million for your Africa safari tour.

From the famous  islands ,lakes, rivers, mountains, landscape and vegetation, Uganda ‘s beauty is one  you can easily combine for a thrilling gorilla safari with one extra day chilling on the beautiful Islands, hiking volcanoes, exploring the ancient traditional culture , golden monkey trek or walk through the beautiful forest on a nature walk trip. The best time to visit Uganda for gorilla tracking is all year January – December with no disappointment but only memorable safari tours.

Bwindi impenetrable National Park

In Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable forest is perhaps the most famous gorilla trekking destination known for superb gorilla safari experience and excellent for cultural excisions, bird watching and community retreat programs. Are you looking for a Uganda safari tour to see gorillas, chimpanzee and wildlife?.Bwindi forest is your perfect choice destination combined with Queen Elizabeth National Park in  a duration of only 4-5 days. The park offers great opportunities of seeing mountain gorillas, traditional cultural trends of Batwa, other primates, and many forest habitants. Being a home to the largest mountain gorilla population living in the four sectors of Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo, its beyond doubt that Bwindi forest is the best gorilla tracking destination in Africa. Despite the highest demand of gorilla tourism in Uganda, travelers hardly miss gorilla tracking due to gorilla permit availability. However, prior booking is always the best thing to do if you want to track gorillas soon in Africa.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

For the ultimate gorilla safari combined with volcano hiking tour, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park also known for golden monkey trekking and exciting Batwa cultural trail, is a perfect place to be for your upcoming Uganda gorilla tracking safari. The park is well conserved and a home to five volcanoes . Imagine yourself tracking mountain gorillas in their home as well as hiking the lovely rewarding volcanoes of Mgahinga in just 4 days. If time permits, its not bad to explore the twenty nine islands of Lake Bunyonyi before embarking on the return journey back to Kampala OR Entebbe international airport for your flight back home. There is a wide range of incredible lodges and campsites just in case you want to stay a little longer. For amazing gorilla and volcanoes’ hike safaris, we do recommend Mgahinga National park in Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla Regulations

In Uganda, there are regulations that travelers must follow while on gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. These include;

  • the number of people allowed to track per day, the time that is allowed to stay with the gorillas, the maximum group size, all this is done to ensure the well being of the endangered mountain gorillas, these are also vulnerable to the many human diseases given how much we are also related to these apes.
  • Visiting hours: the activity takes place during day time hours; this is between 8:00 am to 7:00pm.
  • Gorilla tracking is conducted in small groups: it’s only a maximum of eight people who are allowed per day in order to reduce the disturbance and to reduce severe exposure of human diseases.
  • There is maximum time for gorilla watching; it’s only 1 hour that is allowed to spend with the mountain gorillas
  • The Age restriction; its 15 or 16 years only.

The dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking (the rules of gorilla trekking)

The protection of the gorillas;

  • And in case you are sick and have an infectious disease, you are not accepted to go for the trek, more so if you are not feeling well, you are advised to stay at the lodge thereby helping in safe guarding the well being of the endangered animals;
  • Maintaining good manners, in case you sneeze or cough, always turn away and cover the nose and the mouth in order to reduce the chances of transmitting the viruses and the bacteria to the mountain gorillas.
  • You are not allowed to over stay with the gorillas. Expect to spend only one hour with the gorillas departing when the time is up.
  • Keep a distance; you must stay 5-7 meters away from the gorillas. This is because they are dangerous since they are wild animals, keep distance to always avoid transmitting diseases to them.
  • Always try to behave yourself; keep your voices down and don’t point or use a flash when taking photos.
  • Always be prepared; always take warm and water proof gear for the cool mountain conditions in the wet forests and also wear the comfortable walking shoes.
  • Don’t smoke or snack near the mountain gorillas, you are not allowed to drink or eat or even smoke around the mountain gorillas.
  • Always keep clean; visitors are encouraged to wash their hands before goring for the trek.
  • Always keep hands to yourself; you are not allowed to touch the gorillas even when they come close to you.
  • Don’t litter trash. The tourists are not allowed to throw rubbish around in the jungle.
  • Always remain calm and maintain your good toilet etiquettes.
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