About Uganda

Uganda, a country that bring you close to lush forests, incredible landscape, tribal cultures, fascinating islands, beaches, lakes and the warm weather. Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and wildlife viewing are the most popular attractions in Uganda though a lot can make you love the country. How can I forget the friendly people that keep their promise to walk with you throughout your stay as they give you detailed history and information about every attraction and place of tourism interest you chose to explore. Still Uganda presents a lot of water adventures and much more beautiful tour adventures that make you miss the country after your vacation tour.See what you miss or what you yet to miss after your Uganda safari tour.

The Great Weather

Sunny days in Uganda are awesome; sunbathing on a free day after breakfast at your lodge makes you relaxed and happy under fresh air and cool breeze. Even when it rains the warm remains and it remains conducive for any tourist activity. Most visitors to Uganda love the warm surrounding though mornings in some areas are cold and misty especially at the mountain gorilla parks in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga. But still its only felt when you on a Uganda gorilla trekking safari but after sunshine takes over making the weather very superb for every vacation tour and stays in the country. Those who love cool weather Uganda is your place to be in Africa unlike those who think the opposite.

Friendly People

Actually, this is another thing that every one miss about Uganda either on business, vacation, volunteerism and others but the kindness and extreme welcome that the people of Uganda show you make you feel like staying much longer. They give in their best in every aspect and you find yourself biding with them and making multiple new friends. It’s not good to talk to strangers but wondering in town on a free day, using the same public transport and simply taking a sip of warm coffee for an evening as you spend time with locals is learning something new about different cultures and a best thing to do in Uganda. On top of this you also meet up with other travelers and make new friends than staying all alone at your lodge in boredom.

Gorillas & Chimpanzees

If you a primate fan you will definitely Miss Uganda Mountain gorillas of Mgahinga and Bwindi forest or Chimpanzees of Kibale forest and Kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth National Park. All safaris in Uganda are great but a gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safari is one in a life time something you should do if time and money permits during your trip to Uganda. The country has the highest population of primates in Africa and it’s a home to the famous gorilla trekking destinations as well as that for chimpanzee safari tours. As many fly to Uganda to meet these beautiful creatures, still many leave the country wishing to have done the several primate treks and spend more time with both gorillas and chimpanzees.

Wildlife and Boat Cruise

Uganda being the land for lakes, almost every wildlife park has a lake, might fall or swamp. Besides, lakes and wildlife are one of the best tourist’s attractions that tourists feel comfortable exploring on free days and weekends .No wonder they miss a beautiful land of nature after their visit to Uganda. If you visit Uganda and fail  to explore its wildlife in Queen Elizabeth,Murchion falls ,kidepo valley, Lake Mburo  and also a day trip to Jinja source of the Nile and white water rafting, you will surely miss too much. If you in the East, Sippi falls is another incredible water fall to check out during your stay. What a beautiful country Uganda is and I will always love Uganda, the people and culture.

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