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One of the thrilling travel countries in the world, Uganda is known for its warm weather, diverse wildlife, lakes, mountains, primates, landscape and the friendly people. Uganda is a safe country for travel and holidays no matter what your interest could be but this detailed guide will answer some of your Uganda safari questions especially if you are planning to visit the country soon.

Uganda Tourist Visa

Every visitor to Uganda need a tourist visa either a citizen of USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany and any other country across the world. You can obtain a Uganda tourist visa online or upon arrival at Entebbe international Airport at a cost of $50 valid for a period of 90 days. However, you passport need to be valid for at least six months beyond your departure date. Those looking at longer stay beyond 90 days, visit the Uganda immigration office and extend your stay in the country.

Travel Vaccinations in Uganda

No one should confuse you that you don’t need vaccinations to travel to Uganda because the answer is yes. You need the following vaccinations bellow in order to be safe during your visit to Uganda. Among the many  yellow fever, Hepatis A & B, Typhoid, Cholera are the most recommended. Malaria is another but would recommend you to carry some anti malarias and also sleep in a treated mosquito net in every place you visit hence a great weapon of its prevention. Make it a point to get the yellow fever because it’s a must have if travelling to Africa not only Uganda and travelers are required to present their yellow fever certificate at the airport.

Essentials to Pack for a Uganda Safari

When packing for a safari to Uganda, consider  wet wipes or hand  sanitizers that you will use when you can’t access tap water or showers, good quality walking shoes that is if you going to explore some Uganda national parks like Bwindi Forest, Mghahinga, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth,Rwenzori mountains, Murchison falls and much more. Carry both warm and quick drying clothes because your trip in Uganda may be filled with warmth during the day and some chilly feeling in mornings and evenings especially if your main reason for visiting is to track mountain gorillas. Insect repellant and sun cream is another you should consider before anything else.


While in Uganda, bottled water  is very safe especially when travelling .You will move with some in your private safari vehicle and you can restock in from supermarkets on the way  either to another destination or lodge for overnight stay. Even on various different tour adventures, travelers are advice to carry enough drinking water a main aspect for those on Uganda gorilla tracking safaris and mountain climbing tours. For things like brushing your teeth, we suggest checking with your camp manager to find out if the tap water is safe to use.


Uganda is  a multilingual country  English  as an official language used  in across the country but in some areas like Kampala-Luganda is a main language and English spoken .Here a some of the Luganda words to use while in the city of Kampala also known as Uganda capital.

Jebale-common greeting meaning how is work

Webale-meaning thank you

Jambo- meaning hello


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