Beyond doubt every gorilla tracking tourist enjoys a trip to Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo as long as its dedicated to any famous gorilla trekking park. Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National park and Bwindi forest national park are the top gorilla trekking places in Africa that attract thousands every year. If you are planning a gorilla tracking safari, all gorilla parks have rules and regulations that tourists follow as a way of cubing down risks, diseases and disturbance of primates. Take a look at them and consider them very important during your trip to see gorillas.

Before Gorilla Tracking

It’s a must in all gorilla trekking parks that visitors gather at the park head quarters early morning  for briefing from the park rangers .Its during this session that they are grouped in groups of eight a maximum number  allowed to visit a particular habituated gorilla family. Age verification is done with presentation of valid passports and gorilla permits for the day followed by washing hands before heading into the forest to search for the gorillas.

During Gorilla Search

While in the forest on a nature walk and hiking adventure in search of the giant rare creatures, every tourist must speak in a low tone voice in order not to scare other amazing forest habitants that you may come across. Keep in touch with others all through the trek and carry all your rubbish back to your lodge after the trek because they may contaminate the forest .Remember every trek starts from where gorillas spent a night before your trek and park all the forest hikes and walks depend on the walking trail that rangers pave to where the gorillas are. As you get close to the gorilla encounter point the park ranger’s alert you to get ready for the 60 minutes duration of photography and observation.

With the Gorillas

Tourists must keep a seven meter distance while with gorillas, be close to other gorilla visitors, the voice tone must be low, eating and drinking is prohibited, look at gorillas but dodge the silver back eyes, don’t touch them because they are wild animals. Taking photos is a must but move slowly and careful after putting off the flash light of your camera. Make the best use of the full hour with the gorillas and move quietly or in a low voice tone for a few meters before returning back to the park head quarters for your certificates that marks the end of the trek.

What to bring for Africa Gorilla Safari Tours

Better to head out for your gorilla safari tour adventure smart and ready and then put all the rules and regulations in consideration. Wear long sleeved T-shirts, and trousers, comfortable walking boots good for steep muddy slopes, drinking water and packed lunch is a must since the trek may take between 2-8 hours. I highly recommend a good camera to capture memories and amazing moments with the gorillas.

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